If i use a VPN, will I be able to connect via SSH?


I am recently starting to work with Jetson Nanos. For setting them up, I was using SSH from my Linux computer to the Jetson, but I learned that if the Jetson is connected to a different network, it is not possible to connect and I couldn’t find alternatives to keep connecting via SSH (apart from Darcy Cloud). However, I was wondering if it will work if I have a VPN for my PC from the network to which the Jetson Nano is connected, so I can work remotely from my home’s network.

Is it possible? Will a VPN work?

No matter what method you use, if you can ping the IP of jetson after using that method, then you can ssh to it.

This issue is not related to jetson nano. You can replace “Jetson Nano” to any kind of linux computer/devices.

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