Impossible to simulate particle system in Isaac Sim during RL training

I am using Isaac Sim included in a Gym env and PPO from Stable Baselines 3

On my environment, I have a particle system coming from a cube mesh processed by a particle sampler. When I run the simulation on the GUI, it works fine. However, when the simulation runs during RL training, it does not simulate at all even though my simulation runs fully on the GPU (see code below). The particle cube does not move of behave like when it is running on the GUI. Does Isaac Sim python API support bulk solids and powder?

    #instanciate the world = World(
        physics_prim_path = self.env_config["env"]["world"]["physics_prim_path"],
        physics_dt = self._physics_dt,
        rendering_dt = self.rendering_dt,
        stage_units_in_meters = self.env_config["env"]["world"]["stage_unit_in_meters"],
        device = "cuda",
        backend = "torch",
    # set up the physics context
    self.physics_context = PhysicsContext(
                            prim_path = self.env_config["env"]["world"]["physics_prim_path"],
                            device = "cuda",
                            backend = "torch",

    if self.physics_context.use_gpu_pipeline:
    set_carb_setting(, "/persistent/omnihydra/useSceneGraphInstancing", True)

Could you provide a small test case where I can repro the issue?

Same problem, looking for the soln.

Have u ever simulate both particle and franka in isaac sim? i mean ‘sim’ without ‘gym’. When i set the backend and device in order to have a particle simulation. It seems like franka cant be simulated under this setting