IMU integration with Jetson Xavier


I’m thinking about integrating a GPS and IMU/AHRS with my Jetson Xavier so that I can get realtime measurements to feed an inference application running in Python. I’m not the most savy on the electrical engineering side of things but I have done some basics with a RPi before.

I’ve found alot of information on how to get GPS data into Python using the GPS module to interact with a GPSD compatible GPS module. Has anyone run into any errors install GPSD onto the Jetson before?

The one I’m more stumped on is getting roll/pitch/yaw in via a IMU/AHRS. From some basic research it looks like if I can integrate this via the GPIO pinout then I could interact with this via pyserial. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have any recommendations for a IMU/AHRS unit?


Hi Ben,

We don’t have experience on this case, hope someone could share their result if they ever done something similar.


don’t know if this link help or not