Installing a floating network license

I am new to the sys-admin side of the Linux world and hence my problems - I am in the process of setting up a multi-machine network, sharing a 2-user floating license. I have already set up the PGI Fortran server on one of the machines and is up and running with a permanent license key. My problem is that I dont know how to make the other machines on the network use the floating license that was installed on the first machine.

I did not see anything on this issue in the PGI install files. Any advice in this regard will be appreciated.


Hi Rooni,

There are a couple different ways.

  1. Copy the license.dat file you use for your license manager and copy it to the $PGI directory (typically /opt/pgi) on each of the other systems.
  2. Copy a license.dat file to each system that includes the server name, the server’s hostid, port number, and “USE_SERVER”. For example:
server myserver 0014227A1234  27000

For options 1 and 2, users need to set the variable “LM_LICENSE_FILE” to “$PGI/license.dat” in their shell’s environment.

  1. Finally, instead of setting “LM_LICENSE_FILE” to a local license file, you have your users set it to “port@servername”. For example:

Hope this helps,

I took the second option and it worked. Thank you.