Installing JetPack for Jetson TX2 issue


Referring to Jetson_TX1_and_TX2_Developer_Kits_User_Guide.pdf,
Chapter “Installing JetPack for Jetson TX1 or TX2 ”,

step 15
When prompted, install components on the specific target machine, and compile the samples.

While implementing Step15,the following problem arise.

The title of terminal is “instaling opencv on target”

It require me to input sudo password for nvidia.
I typed “nivdia”,but it’s wrong.

So,my question is what’s the password for nvidia while installing JetPack for Jetson TX1 or TX2.

Thanks in advance.

Hi 15600219330,

What’s JetPack version are you install?
Before 32.1, the username and password is nvidia/nvidia.
After 32.1, you can set username and password by yourself.
You can use SDKManager to install JetPack on your Jetson devcie.