JetPack installation nvidia@ password

Hello, installation process of JetPack by host computer running on Ubuntu 18.04 need password for nvidia@ Can you help me where I can find password ?

What account name and password did you set up on first boot? There is no account until you do this. If you created account “nvidia”, then this exists with the password you created.

Thanks for your answer. I didnt create account on first boot. If somebody did it , is there some possibility to get default state of Jetson AGX Xavier ?

First boot should ask you for the account name to create, and password. Did you boot with a keyboard and monitor for first boot after flashing? Or else with serial console? If first boot setup does not show for either method, then you might need to flash again. I am unsure of what you mean by “default state”.

My first boot was done by SD Card image like in this tutorial Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer . I didnt realize that Jetson AGX Xavier has JetPack and need be installed through host computer but I set username “peto” on first boot so I dont know where “nvidia” came from. Now I am in situation where only see NVidia screen and cant get through cause in JetPack installation proces in recovery mode It asking for password. I hope that information brings close to my problem. What should I do to install Jepack ?

Long ago there was a default user name and password: “nvidia”. The documentation you are speaking of would be from an earlier time. Use “peto” and the password you created.

For developer kits using SD card to boot with you should know that some or all boot content (depending on release) goes into QSPI memory on the Jetson itself. That content must be compatible with the SD card content. QSPI does not change very often, and so many SD card releases will typically work without flashing QSPI. However, mixing SD and QSPI release can result in the Jetson trying to update the SD and changing it.

You will probably need to use an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC to flash QSPI, and possibly the SD card will then work. Or you might need to create a new SD card install. JetPack/SDK Manager is how you update the QSPI.

You might also find it useful to know that recovery mode is incapable of asking for a password. If it reaches this stage, then it means it rebooted into Linux and it thinks this is first boot and needs account setup.

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