Is the Devkit rated for vibration?

I can’t see any numbers for rated vibration for the full devkit setup in the data sheets.
Maybe I’m just blind – is there a rating?

Hi, do you mean devkit or module? For module, please refer to the chapter Environmental & Mechanical Screening. And no such data for devkit.

@Trumany I mean the devkit, which is why I said “for the full devkit” in my question.

Too bad on the devkit, because a ready-integrated solution is quite convenient for small-volume prototyping and custom solutions.

For what it’s worth, I think the barrel power connector on the device is the weakest link, I can go over very slight bumps and it will sometimes reset. A screw terminal or solder point power mechanism might be nice in an updated version.

Devkit is for development only, not for product. Thanks for you suggestion, we will transfer the suggestion to design team.

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