Is the Quadro P5000 compatible with Omniverse Create?

Hi, In Omniverse Create I’m just getting a grey viewport, I’ve tried creating cubes, spheres etc and nothing shows.

I’ve read similar threads, which suggests running the single GPU version, but it does not work for me.

I updated my driver to the latest “461.92-quadro-rtx-desktop-notebook-win10-64bit-international-dch-whql”

Should I have chosen the “New Features Branch NFB” version instead of the normal?
Many thanks

@fullrotation - Thanks for trying Omniverse, but the p5000 is not RTX. Thus you will get the gray viewport

Thanks for the quick reply, shame wanted to possibly start using it in production instead of Unreal,

My HPZ840 was high end when purchased a few years ago, I guess graphics cards go out of date very quickly
Many thanks

What’s the reason for this. You have stated yourselves that the Pascal architecture is capable of performing the same raytracing instructions as the Turing architecture, just a lot slower due to the lack of specialized silicon. You even implemented RTX calls in the newer driver sets.

So why are you not letting people on Pascal use Omniverse?

@e.e.norland -
Yes, the RTX GPUs do have specialized silicon that is the basis for Omniverse both in capabilities and performance. As such, Omniverse is designed to use RTX cards as the baseline hardware for the product. Previous architectures do not meet the requirements for both rendering performance and other aspects of the Omniverse ecosystem.