Required driver for omniverse compatibility?


I have an RTX 8000 and installed 472.84 (WIN) and still got an error message saying that is not Compatible with Omniverse. What driver should I install for omniverse?


Hello @jerry.runheim! I am sorry to inform you, but our Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs do not have the compatible tensor cores that are required for rendering in Omniverse.

You can view our minimum required GPUs here: Technical Requirements — Omniverse Create documentation

Hi, @WendyGram Thank you for your answer. I am actually rendering with this card and it seems to work fine, except that I don’t see the play bar, and when choosing a geometry it is not highlighted. I have another Quadro 5000 RTX with Max Q design the same error message comes up with this card? I checked the specs and a 5000 RTX is ok, if not the max Q design is making the error? The same driver as above / windows. Regards Jerry

Hi @jerry.runheim. I will ask the dev team for confirmation! A copy of your log files may help here. If you are able, can you attach them to this post?

  • Omniverse Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Hi @jerry.runheim! The dev team suggest that you try our latest Quadro driver and see if that fixes the issue. Please let me know!

I am having the same issue. I have an RTX A5000 24GB, which according to your tech specs should be fine. What can be done to remove the compatibility message?

If you click on that message link, it takes you to our Driver Compatibility page. There you can find the driver that we recommend. Can you send me a screenshot of the error you are seeing?

Here are the screenshots you requested. I have already update to the recommended drivers.

Same same here @WendyGram

Alrighty Gang! I appreciate the information you provided and I have sent it to our development team to take a look. I will bounce back when I hear more!

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I have the same issue. Thank your @WendyGram

I am having the same problem. 3080 GPU. Driver version 511

When can we expect this to be resolved?

Hello Everyone. I have escalated this issue with the dev team for help. I am hoping to hear back shortly!

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Hi everyone, is anyone able to attach the complete .log file that WendyGram pointed out above?
Without the log file, we can’t determine what potential system setup issue you might have.
Thanks for your patience.

Hi @nnikfetrat see attachment kit_20211219_114704.log (429.1 KB) I hope this helps. All the best J

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