Is P4000 GPU supported for Omniverse Create?

Hi all,
I am encoutering some troubles while trying to launch Omniverse Create.
I have a P4000 gpu, does it work or is it not supported?
Driver is 526.67 version.
On startup it tells forever “RTX Loading” in the viewport and nothing happens.
Console reports:

Basically it says that it cannot find an RTX GPU, nor does it support RayTracing; but being a Quadro series I guess it should be supported.
Anyone that knows the reason?

Thanks in advance!

Here is the log:
kit_20221115_173856.log (801.1 KB)

Hello @andrea18! Unfortunately, the P4000 GPU does not have the required Ray Tracing Tensor cores. Most of our apps require, at minimum, an RTX 3070 which has 46 RT Cores. You can take a look at our Technical Requirements for more information.

You may be interested in Omniverse Cloud which allows you to access Omniverse anywhere from any device.

thank you for your answer! Such bad news, but at least I know why.
Thank you, I’ll see if Omniverse Cloud can work for me.

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