Is there a way to rescale an object?

I created a prop, and when I first made it I created too big.

I know I could start over, but I am curious if this group of props can be rescaled to where the size I have it now, thus becomes 1.0 Scale?

I created this at first as a huge scene, then I realized this would make a good railed walkway for a sci-fi vid or even a warehouse possibly.
The “problem” is currently the scale is .04. I placed a 1M box next to it to show the scale.

Thanks if I can reset a scale of a prop or group.

Hi, were you able to find a solution?

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Hi DataJuggler
Unfortunately, I have been researching this and there is no current way to “reset” the master scale of an imported object. It will come in and the default unit scale you create it, in your DCC. However, it should just be a simple case of rescaling in the DCC and refreshing it. Thanks for the inquiry.

Thank you.