Is there a working IMX219 driver for the TX2?

I know that the friendly people from Ridgerun have previously released a driver for IMX219 for the TX1, and were working on TX2 support. Is that working now?
If not, is there support from somewhere else? Auvidea? (Which seems to have taken off for the summer; I can’t get any answer out of them.)

I’ve also had no response from Auvidea in quite awhile, but a few weeks ago they sent me this about the IMX219:

You can download the firmware on our firmware page for the TX1.. Please note that the driver for TX2 is not ready yet. The ETH Zurich will prepare the driver for the TX2.

I’ve seen some mention of people getting it working, but no source code:

Has anyone else worked on this?


We have one version of the driver for the TX2 available but it is still not working with nvcamerasrc just with v4l2 so it still needs more work, at least you could use it as reference. Due work from other customers we haven’t been able to put more time in that driver. We have it working on TX1 properly.

You can read more about the drivers that we have created for TX1 and TX2 here:

and the work that we do for custom drivers here:

We provide the one for IMX219 for free, just send us an email through the contact us:

I hope this helps.

Thanks, David.

Unfortunately, the “no support for the image processing unit, and Bayer only” limitations of this driver is one of the many limitations that I bump up against.

At this point, I’ve given up on trying to use CSI. The idea of getting camera data straight into the image processing pipeline (including de-bayering, scaling, etc) is super enticing, but NVIDIA just hasn’t been able to make the entire system work for us.

At this point, I’m going with a Zed USB3 camera. They have a TX2/Jetpack3.1 version of their SDK, and they are UVC compliant even without the SDK, so this tells me both that they have it working on the TX2, and that I can keep it working if they for some reason drop their proprietary SDK.

Price seems comparable to the Leopard and e-con and FLIR cameras of the world, but the software support pages look 1,000,000x better than what those vendors provide. I’ll report back how it goes.