Is there any command to check the CPU Core Voltage at any point of time on Nvidia Jetson Nano

Power Management for Jetson Nano documentation suggests the CPU Core voltage changes as per the CPU Core frequency change.

We can set the core frequency to any of the supported frequencies by setting the governor to userspace and writing the desired frequency to cpufreq/scaling_setspeed file.

Is there any command that can check the CPU voltage at any point of time to see that the voltage also changing as per frequency change?

hello sarojpanda.blr,

you may enable the tegrastats utility to check the power consumption,
please also refer to Software-Based Power Consumption Modeling for checking details through INA3221 power monitor.

Thank you @JerryChang for your response. tegrastats utility has a lot of statistics but, I did not find anything specific for CPU core voltage. I am looking for commands similar to the Raspberry Pi utility command “vcgencmd measure_volts core”, which gives the CPU core voltage at any instance of time. Do we have any such utility available for Nvidia Jetson Nano?

please check details through INA3221 power monitor, in_voltage*_input. thanks

I am using the Jetson Nano 2GB board.
It seems “Jetson Nano 2GB does not have an INA3221 power monitor.”

Link: Tegra Linux Driver

Any other tool or way to check the CPU core voltage?

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hello sarojpanda.blr,

yes, Jetson Nano 2GB does not have an INA3221 power monitor.
since Nano-2GB share the same nvpmodel spec with Jetson-Nano, may I know what’s your actual use-case to check the CPU core voltage?

Hello JerryChang,

I am conducting some energy consumption experiments using DVFS (Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling) and will possibly be writing a paper on that. I scale the CPU frequency from userspace as per my application requirement. I need to see how the CPU core voltage scales with respect to frequency scaling to justify my results.


hello sarojpanda.blr,

suggest you should work with Nano platforms instead of Nano-2GB.

you’ll need to specify regulators if you’re having your driver implementation.
there’re regulators that defined in device tree for driver’s usage. you may look into the nodes, monitor the voltage changes with your use-case,
here’s sysnode for checking all regulators,
for example, /sys/kernel/debug/regulator/regulator_summary.