Is there any solution for data logging system with 12-multi cameras?

Hello, experts

I will build in the platform with 12-multi cameras or less cameras.
I have not yet decided what format(raw, jpg, yuv) to store on the local.
However, all formats are problematic for a long time to get huge amounts of data from sensors.
So, I want to install some kind of storage device to store as long as possible.

Is there any solution for data logging system supported with drivepx2 and driveworks

Hello groot,
You’re right about the huge amounts of data that DriveWorks can record. The following FAQ should be helpful.

Hello, Kathy_nv.
That’s exactly what I want.

But, USB3.0-SSD device is not befitting on drivepx2 in our case.
It’s bandwidth is between 400 and 500-megabytes per second, we want greater bandwidth to use 12-multi camera.
( width * height * 2 * fps = bytes/second, 1920 * 1208 * 2 * fps * 12(ea) = 55,664,640 byte/second = 55.66464 megabyte/second)
If we use the USB3.0-SSD device, we can get just 9 fps images that is raw image of camera.
It is too small size.

We saw some projects of reference on other teams, They have used a nas storage have 5G bandwidth with ethernet.
Is there official solution for the nas to store recorded data with drivepx2?

I know that drivepx2 have two processor can store recorded data.
How do I use two processors to sync and record data from sensors such as cameras, riders, GPS, and vehicles?

You are right about the limitations with the FAQ I provided. At most, the USB storage on a single Tegra can record a maximum of 3 cameras generating RAW at 30 frames per second.
Here are your options for recording 12 RAW cameras:

Option 1: Single DPX with reduced framerate

  1. On Tegra A, attach 6 cameras and mount one USB drive.
  2. Do the same on Tegra B.
  3. For each camera, reduce the framerate to 15 or so frames per second.
  4. Use PTP or gPTP to synchronize the camera timestamps.

Option 2: Two DPXs

  1. For each DPX, attach 3 cameras to each Tegra and mount one USB drive to each Tegra. That gives 4 Tegras * 3 cameras per Tegra.
  2. Use PTP or gPTP to synchronize the camera timestamps.

The 0.6.54 DriveWorks release notes contain guidance on using PTP/gPTP.

I don’t know about other NVIDIA teams having 5G bandwidth with ethernet.

Hey Groot. If you choose to record with multiple Tegras, you will need to modify your JSON config file with currently undocumented attributes. I’ve added a new section to the Data Logging FAQ that should be helpful.
The new section is How do I modify my JSON config file for distributed recording?.

Also, if you choose to reduce your camera framerates, the “Data Acquisition” chapter of DriveWorks Development Guide explains how to do that. In particular, see “Recording at a Framerate Other Than 30 FPS”.