Isaac Sim crashes when creating the environments

The Isaac Sim crashes when I creating the Sample Environments.
How can i solve this problem?

CPU:AMD Ryzen5

Hi. Please share the log file and how much RAM you have.
Do you see the same crash when running the samples like “Franka Block Stacking”?

Hi, @Sheikh_Dawood

  1. RAM: 16GB
  2. Yes, the same crash when running “Frank Block Stacking”.

Here is my log file:
ENV: [GridRoom]
kit_20210922_100918.log (175.4 KB)

SCENES:[Frank Block Stacking]
kit_20210922_100607.log (171.9 KB)

There is known crash issue if you have less that 16GB free RAM.
Looks like there is no problems loading Isaac Sim but it crashes only when opening a big scene and hit the max RAM usage. You can try watching you RAM usage and increase the SWAP size.

Hi, @Sheikh_Dawood
It seems like RAM consumption maxes out and then crashes the Isaac Sim.

Yes. Please try increasing your swap size (maybe to 16GB) or add more RAM if possible.
Our RAM usage will be much better on the next release.

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