Isaac Sim Crashes when listening to a ros2 topic

Hello, Isaac Sim crashes once listen to a topic from a different terminal.
I create an empty scene with an omnigraph that just publishes the clock like so:

Till now, everything seems to be working fine and the memory consumption seems reasonable
Then i just try to listen to this topic using ros2 topic echo clock
and isaac sim stops responding and crashes after a few seconds (memory gets to 100GB/270GB)

@younesshadi101 could you share the latest crash log that you are getting? You can find the latest ones here:

  • Windows - C:\Users\%username%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Isaac-Sim
  • Linux - ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/Isaac-Sim


kit_20240126_092346.log (1.7 MB)
Sure thing, here is the newest log. My PC is handling it well today 😅. It is not crashing but once I listen to the topic, memory gets to 80-100GB (same thing happening on my laptop), and the scene becomes very slow, and stopping the scene takes around 1-2 minutes. When the scene stops the memory consumption gets back to normal.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling isaac sim on both my laptop and my pc, the issue is resolved on my laptop, but it still persists on my pc.

Quick reminder as the issue is persisting and affecting our progress.