Isaac Simulator code modification not applied

I want to modify the code in here (./local/share/ov/pkg/{isaac_version}/*)

Especially, I want to change the physics_dt in original code(maybe But when i modify the code and restart the simulation, nothing change. All settings are still setted in default value.

I hope to change the physics_dt & rendering_dt from (default :60) to 240. But even though i modify the code and restart the simulation, nothing change…

exact path : ~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.1/exts/omni.isaac.core/omni/isaac/core/physics_context/ & ~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.1/exts/omni.isaac.core/omni/isaac/core/physics_context/

To sum up :

  1. I want to make modifications in the code to set different physics_dt and rendering dt from when simulation is turned on, but the modifications are not applied. How should i do?
  2. If i want to change the physics_dt & rending_dt in code, Is it correct to modify the above exact path?
  3. Or is there a way to change the rendering_dt in the simulation UI? I know that physics_dt can be modified in physicsScene(Time steps per second) & Physics_settings(min frame rate).

Thank you so much for reading this issue! And if anyone know this problem, Please help me!!

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@Hammad_M I’m sorry for tagging you in this issue… But can you help me? I want to solve this problem so much…

It appears that the modified code is not being loaded due to caching mechanisms. follow these steps:

  1. Clear Cache: Before restarting the simulation, clear the Omniverse cache to ensure the modified code is loaded:Bashomni.usd.setCachePath("") # Replace with your cache path if necessary omni.usd.clearCache()


  1. Set Physics and Rendering DT: Once the cache is cleared, restart the simulation. The modified physics_dt and rendering_dt values should take effect.
  2. Verify Changes: To verify the changes, check the simulation’s physics settings. The physics_dt and rendering_dt values should reflect the modified values.

Remember that if you’re modifying the code in ~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.1/exts/omni.isaac.core/omni/isaac/core/physics_context/ and ~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.1/exts/omni.isaac.core/omni/isaac/core/physics_context/, these modifications should impact the physics_dt and rendering_dt values.