Isaac Simulator GT Pose of robot using ros2

I want to get the ground truth pose of robot based on ros2 in isaac simulator.

So until now, i was trying to make the tf message ( map to base_link) based on omnigraph.
But I only reproduced omnigraph to receive tf message like ( map to odom, odom to base_link …)

However, I found the information that tf data is not ground truth.

  1. Isaac PoseTree Inconsistent worldTrobot - Carter Sim - #2 by d20.hall
  2. Setting Up Transformations — Navigation 2 1.0.0 documentation
    → in here, they said transform (map → odom) is usually provided by a different ROS package dealing with localization and mapping such as AMCL ( below figure )
  • If then, Is there any method that can get the ground truth data in isaac simulator based on ros2?

To sum up :

  • I want to get the gt pose of robot using ros2 in isaac sim.
  • Is there any methods for getting the GT Pose using ros2?
  • And also Is tf data ground truth? ( I understood above page said that is not gt…). If then, How can i get the gt?
  • I also found there is get_world_pose() function, So if i use this function, Could i get the gt pose?

If Anyone who know this problem, Please help me!!
Thank you so much!