ROS2 Robot Ground Truth Pose publish

I want to get the Ground Truth Pose of robot for map frame.

But When i check in rviz(above figure), In Frames > base_link > (Position & Orientation) values are the ground truth pose of the robot for map.
But When i typed in terminal like ( ros2 topic echo /tf ) , There’s only relative position & relative orientation values(Below figure) in that.

So, How can i get the Ground Truth Pose of the robot for map frame using ros2?

Hi @siam33

TF messages define offsets in terms of translation and rotation between different coordinate frames (parent-child schema). If you want to compute the transformation between no directly connected (at the first level) frames/links you can use the tf2 ROS/ROS2 library for that, particularly the lookup transform.

If you want to see a quick visualization of the transformation between two frames within Isaac Sim, you can try the following recently created external extension (particularly the Measuring tool) 😉

Thank you for replying me!

As far as i know, the message type for ROS2 Topic /tf used in Isaac Sim is “tf2_msgs/TFMessage” (below figure)

If then, Can i apply the transform between map and base_link in isaac sim using Actiongraph right away??

Hi @siam33

The tf2_msgs/TFMessage is the default message type for both, ROS and ROS2 transformation topics (/tf and /tf_static).

With respect to this, can you please elaborate on this a little bit more?

Thank you for the help. @siam33 , were you able to resolve the issue?