Issues with Killer N1103 (Atheros AR9380) wifi card on Jetson TK1.

Hi. I’m trying to get Killer N1103 wifi card to work on my Jetson. This is a half-size MiniPCIE card with Atheros AR9380 chipset. The problem I’m having is that I can’t connect to networks that aren’t on channel 11 (2462 MHz). Also, when scanning, I only find networks that are between channels 8 and 11 (2447-2462 MHz).
I only get these problems with Jetson. On my laptop, the same card works well and detects networks on channels below 8.

I’m guessing this could be because on Jetson this card doesn’t for some reason change the frequency and stays at 2462 MHz.

I’ve tried with the grinch kernel 21.3.4 and original kernel from release 21.4 (3.10.40-gdacac96) with the relevant modules (ath9k and associated) compiled.

Also, I’ve tested with another wifi card, Atheros AR9285 on Jetson, and this card works properly. And it has the same chipset as the one that I have problems with.

Hi Nezumi-sama,

Generally, WIFI module vendor has custom channel configure file and also affected by firmware. You might need to check both the configure file and FW version supports channel 11.

I have exactly the same problem. Only seeing networks around channel 11 and cant connect to others (via the jetson at least, same dongle on other machines is fine).

Im using a MediaTek(Ralink) RT5572N dongle which should be well supported + latest grinch.

@Nezumi-sama: did you solve this? Google turns up nothing.

Still no luck my end. Have posted here: