Jetpack 5.0.2 ACPI support


Since the Jetpack 5.0.2 a ACPI mode for Jetson Xavier appeared as option

I tried to flash the Sample Rootfs then turn ACPI and PCIe options, but this cause device to hand during boot (see log below):

L4TLauncher: Attempting GRUB Boot
L4TLauncher: Attempting Direct Boot
EFI stub: Booting Linux Kernel...
EFI stub: Generating empty DTB
EFI stub: Loaded initrd from LINUX_EFI_INITRD_MEDIA_GUID device path
EFI stub: Exiting boot services and installing virtual address map...
��I/TC: Secondary CPU 1 initializing
I/TC: Secondary CPU 1 switching to normal world boot
I/TC: Secondary CPU 2 initializing
I/TC: Secondary CPU 2 switching to normal world boot
I/TC: Secondary CPU 3 initializing
I/TC: Secondary CPU 3 switching to normal world boot
I/TC: Secondary CPU 4 initializing
I/TC: Secondary CPU 4 switching to normal world boot
I/TC: Secondary CPU 5 initializing
I/TC: Secondary CPU 5 switching to normal world boot

How can I enable the ACPI mode properly?
Is there any documentation regarding the ACPI mode in Jetpack 5.0.2?

Thank you in advance.

Tegra PCIe doesn’t support hotplug, so rescan/reset sysfs nodes won’t work.
Instead, you can unbind and bind Tegra PCIe platform driver. Se also:

Sorry but look’s like you mixed up the thread to answer to.

My question is about ACPI documentation, not about PCIe hotplug

I even can’t “unbind and bind Tegra PCIe platform driver” because my board is stuck during initial boot

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I can only found the old documentation for “Experimental Firmware Version 1.1.0”

Is this firmware already included to JetPack 5.0.2?

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Hi all,
I think it is a good question, anyone from Nvidia can provide an answer about ACPI documentation?

We don’t enable and verify this on default release. Is there a reason you have to use ACPI? Would like to know what use-cases cannot be run on current releases and need to enable it.

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Thank you for clarification.

Reasons for ACPI: simplified kernel update procedure without tinkering with poorly designed proprietary tools and spending time fighting with critical bugs that obviously should be catched on QA stage, not by the end customer.

And it’s also cool to be able boot any vanilla distro via PXE boot

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