Xavier AGX hangs while booting jetpack5.0.2

Just successfully flashed jetpack5.0.2 onto my Xavier AGX, trying to reboot, but hang as the FIRST picture.

Checked both Xavier run jetpack5.0.2 boot fail and Enabling PCIe Support for ACPI, I happened to realize: there is NOWHERE for me to configure PCIe in my case.

Can anybody give me a hand please?

Thank you

Sorry, what pcie configuration are you trying to do?

Hey, @WayneWWW :

From Xavier run jetpack5.0.2 boot fail, it looks the solution/conclusion is to reconfigure/rebuild pcie ?

Then, I noticed if I can have it reconfigured from within the boot configuration as mentioned Enabling PCIe Support for ACPI

I actually would like to have it disabled, as concluded from Xavier run jetpack5.0.2 boot fail ??

To tell the truth, I’ve got NO idea why my Xavier AGX hangs. can you please help?


Please ignore every post you read. What you need to do now is dump the boot log from UART console.

Attach your log here and we will decide next step.

Hi @WayneWWW

XavierAGX_minicom.txt (10.6 KB)

I god my debug info attached as a .txt file . Can you help to take a look?

I’m NOT sure about this line [0000.629] I> Failed to read CVB eeprom data @ AE.

Oh, BTW, this time, I did flash Xavier AGX using SDK Manager on Ubuntu 18.04. But, I did insert a TF card inside Xavier AGX. It looks before flashing, there is NOWHERE to let me select flash into EMMC or flash into TF card??

Any ideas?


After reading your log, here comes another question…

Is this NV devkit or some custom carrier board? or you don’t know?

BTW, sdkmanager does not support to flash to external sdcard.

  • First question: this is a Xavier AGX for sure. Definitely NOT a custom Carrier Board.
  • Secondly: are you sugguesting while I was flashing, it’s better to take out the TF/SD card while flashing? Let’s try it…


I feel you still didn’t understand my question here according to your reply…

Every board in this “Jetson AGX Xavier” forum is using Xavier AGX… but not every of them is devkit…
Thus, your reply “this is a Xavier AGX for sure” is pointless. I never doubt that at all.

The keyword here is “devkit”… My question is are you using “devkit” or not. Only the carrier board/base board released by NVIDIA is devkit. Other kinds of carrier board are custom board…
The point of this question is because devkit won’t have eeprom read problem…

Also, your understanding to second question is also wrong…

Secondly: are you sugguesting while I was flashing, it’s better to take out the TF/SD card while flashing? Let’s try it…

No, I am not suggesting to take out SD card. My point is this does not matter the sdcard is plugged or not… Our flash tool does not support to flash sdcard… You may only flash nvme/usb and emmc. If you don’t choose to flash external drive (nvme/usb), then by default it will flash to emmc…

Great… I got you now…

  1. I purchased my kit from NVIDIA. On the back of the kit, it’s clearly written: NVIDIA P2972. I believe there must some other way to print out my board’s info while this board connected to my host computer ??

  2. Since I’m now using SDK Manager under Ubuntu 18.04 for flashing, I believe ths system has been successfully flashed into EMMC.

  3. I remember a couple of years ago, I was still able to use command line for flashing ? I mean: there must be a way for rebuild our own system from source, just by using all source provided NVIDIA Jetson Linux, and flash our own drivers into the system. I clearly did that 2/3 years ago. However, now, I cannot deal with this Jetpack 5.0.2 …Hmmm

Any further suggestions?

You can certainly skip SDK and flash it using command line. Just download the L4T tar files and start from there: Jetson Linux | NVIDIA Developer


As @user100090 said, both jp4.x or 5.x can flash the board manually.

Actually, I only want to deal with your boot hang issue. Could you full flash your board again and share me the serial console log? Please make sure you didn’t make any customization to the software.

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