Jetson AGX Xavier does not boot and stuck on Nvidia logo

Hello i have a big problem and i need help.

I’ve been using my Jetson AGX Xavier for months now. Recently, I attempted to update the CUDA version by directly downloading it onto the Xavier. However, the installation didn’t go smoothly, so I decided to perform a reboot. After shutting down the Xavier and trying to turn it back on, it’s stuck and won’t boot up properly. Is there a way to restart the Xavier without losing my files? I appreciate your help in advance.

Please connect the micro-usb console cable and the boot log will show the issue

In this case, debug console is an answer.
Whether you use a NVIDIA developer kit or a custom carrier board, it may be different how to connect console.
Refer this:

Could you explain this to me in more detail? I didn’t quite understand. What should I connect a micro USB cable to, and how can I then debug it? I’m sorry, I’m still quite new to this.

The above link NVIDIA Jetson Xavier - Serial Console - RidgeRun Developer Connection show the details.

Once connected, you will see the boot log. This might provide some clue where it is getting stuck


I saw a lot of I2C error as shown above.
Did you accidentally corrupt contents of the EEPROM, or are you using a custom carrier board?

OK, I just found this.
Looks like the kernel image is gone, so please just re-flash your device.

Hello and thank you very much for the response. Is there a way to flash the Jetson without losing my data?

You may try flashing a USB drive with SDK Manager, boot into systems on the USB drive to recover data on the eMMC.

Is there a guide for this?

Check this:

Incidentally, the GPU on a Jetson is integrated directly to the memory controller (an iGPU). The drivers you can download from web sites are for discrete GPUs (dGPU), and will break things. Those are the wrong drivers if they did not come from the NVIDIA repository (either from apt or from JetPack/SDK Manager). You need a release which is an exact release to the running system (your L4T release is found via “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”). You can check here:
(JetPack/SDKM and L4T releases are tied together…picking one picks the other)

Note that if things are sufficiently broken you will likely need to flash again (you can clone first if you have something you need to save). The driver for the GPU should only be added via the JetPack/SDKM for the L4T release actually on the Jetson. If the system is bootable (perhaps not in your case, but others will read this), then JetPack/SDKM can be told to not flash, and to only install some packages. The presence of the wrong GPU driver tends to mean you have to completely flash and start over.

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