Jetpack 5.1.1 UPHY2 lane6(MGBE2) can not use

hi nvidia team:

We are adapting jetpack5.1.1 to support the 64G ORIN module. Four channels of MGBE are used.

However, after adaptation, MGBE0 is ok,MGBE2 cannot be used successfully(MGBE1 MGB3 not test), while the previous version MGBE0 MGBE1 MGBE2 MGBE3 can be used normally.

We used configuration 1 as shown in the figure below, while using a four-way MGBE.

  • My ODMDATA configuration in Linux for tegra is:ODMDATA=“gbe-uphy-config-22,hsstp-lane-map-3,nvhs-uphy-config-0,hsio-uphy-config-0,gbe0-enable-10g,gbe1-enable-10g,gbe2-enable-10g,gbe3-enable-10g”;


We don’t support multiple MGBE case.

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