Jetpack 6.0 microsoft xbox joystick not working with kernel 5.15

"$ ls /dev/input/js0 " not found error , However its working with this command " sudo xboxdrv -v --no-uinput ”

how to get recognised as js0 ??

thanks, Hemsingh.

Hi, this looks to be a Jetson issue. If this is true, please let me know the model, and I will move this topic to the proper category.


my board is : jetson orin nano development kit

the wireless USB and controller is : Microsoft Xbox 360

Thanks, moving this topic to the Jetson Orin Nano forum.

Please check if some configs have to be enabled for the device. Some device would need additional drivers. If you know what configs have to be enabled, please check kernel section in developer guide to rebuild kernel image and try.

I request for the next kernel update by jetson , all such drivers option may be kept enabled like mine is : microsoft xbox360 USB wireless joystick.
Normally it used to show on Jetpack 5 as “js0” for the command < $ ls /dev/input/* > .

Thank you,

Since kernel source code is public and guidance in developer guide is clear, please check developer guide to enable it. You may also refer to the topic:
Jetpack 6.0 - issue with xbox gamepad