Jetpack CUDA 11

any news or information on when/if Jetpack will receive CUDA 11?

Hi jkennedy49,

That’s under planning, but no clear schedule yet.
May I know which feature your would like to have at CUDA 11?


I don’t need any specific CUDA 11 feature.
I am trying to get a container with a CUDA image running on my TX2.
The only supported CUDA image versions for arm64 in the nvidia container repo is for CUDA 11 and they have no plans to release a CUDA 10 arm 64 image.

Hi @jkennedy49, the Jetson containers need to be built against the l4t-base base container, so that the container can use CUDA/GPU/ect. So they would need to rebuild their container using l4t-base as the base image.

This is because the CUDA drivers and GPU libraries (like cuDNN/TensorRT/ect) are mounted into the container at runtime from the host device, so it requires the proper base container to function correctly. For more info, please see here:

Hi kayccc,

I need sanitizer api. However, the api on cuda 10.2 has problems. Sanitizer bug reproducer · Issue #7 · NVIDIA/compute-sanitizer-samples · GitHub And it has been fixed on cuda 11.x.

And since cuda toolkit 11.2 download page has smba version, if I upgrade cuda on board to this version, will there be some unpredicatble issues?

Yes, each JetPack version has low layer dependency with Cuda version, so there will be unknown issues which can’t be resolved and supported.

Is there any plan to update sanitizer api on jetson boards recently?

To have Jetson platform to support CUDA 11 is under planning, there is no clear schedule yet. If any update, I will share with you.

Hello @kayccc . Do you have any news about CUDA 11 images in any jetson? half year passed by.

Please refer to Software roadmap in Jetson Roadmap | NVIDIA Developer

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