JetPack directory


I’m trying to follow the directions to rebuild my Jetson Nano kernel. However, I can’t find

I’ve used the SdkManager start to finish twice, and I still don’t get a ‘JetPack’ folder. I’ve installed everything supplied by the SdkManager, and yet still I’m stuck. I’ve looked in both my setup user and the root user folder. I’ve done a complete ‘find’ on the entire disk; nothing.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


should under your development computer, within your user account (not root)


if you cannot find it, it means you installation may have issue.

Thanks sunxishan,

That’s what I’m saying; there is NO nvida and/or JetPack folder anywhere on the target computer. I’ve re-installed from SdkManager completely twice, but no go.


What if you manually type “sdkmanager”? Does that start? Installing SDKM won’t create anything until you actually run SDKM. The gist is that this application (or JetPack) will create the “~/nvidia/” content depending on what it runs.

Hey, linuxdev,

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, I’ve run Sdkmanager on the host Ubuntu system; connected to the Nano dev platform via USB. I’ve run the install twice through.

Apparently I’m thick. I just found the JetPack directory; on the host system!. It never occurred to me to look there. In all my previous linux experience, the kernel was compiled on the target system itself, not crosss-compiled and flashed. Chalk one more up to experience.

Thanks for your answers and encouragement.


Just a tip: is a simple script and can be run on the Jetson if you copy it there…and then you can native compile instead of cross compile.