Jetpack TK1 Flash Device

I have executed the Jetpack run program and everything seems to have downloaded to my host properly. It seems I am having difficulty flashing the device. the Setup window tells me it could take up to 30 minutes but doesn’t tell me what to expect to determine if I am sitting here waiting for something that is not going to happen. The terminal is also running with no feedback. I am afraid to try something because if it is flashing then I will potentially ruin the device. Is there some way to know if something is happening?

I hit return in the terminal and it started flashing? Arg :(

When flashing device, the Setup window will show flashing progress. Can you please paste the content of <install_directory>/_installer/logs/flashos.log here?

I just went through the flashing process myself, and thought the same thing. I used this video posted on YouTube by Jetsonhacks, and they walk through the process step-by-step and show you what to expect after each execution.


I am having the same problem… when I hit at prompt window I get an error… in the flashos.log is written “open /JetPackTK1-1.0/_installer/tmp/jetpackfifo_req: no such file or directory”. I tried to create manually this file but then other file is missing… after creating two diferent files(jetpackfifo_req and jetpackfifo), when I hit at prompt nothing happens now.
Does anyone know what is wrong?


jetpackfifo_req file is supposed to be created by JetPack automatically.
Just to confirm, are you running JetPack on Ubuntu 12.04 x64 platform?

I’m having the same problem. Everything seems to work until I get to the Flash step.

Just like for t_richer, it is missing this tmp/jetpackfifi_req file.

I’ve started over a few times, but get stuck at the same point.

I’m running Ubuntu 14.04.

At the point where is waits for me to type in the password, I went into the tmp directory and created to empty writeable files:

jetpackfifi and jetpackfifo_req

It appears to be working now.