i successfully installed jp411 on my nano developer kit. do i need jetpack in order to learn about/run object detection? it appears jetpack is not included in the jp411 i flashed to microsd card. i am lost, and want to learn how to run object detection on my 4gb jetson nano. any help is appreciated.

Hi @trauts14, JetPack already comes pre-installed in the SD card image that you flashed.

For example, if you check your /usr/local/cuda directory, you should already find the CUDA Toolkit there (part of JetPack).

For an example of learning about object detection, you can refer to this tutorial:

thank you. i followed all the steps, and everything appears to be installed correctly. at the end of the process, the imagenet tutorial says ensure you are in the correct directory by entering, “$ cd jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin”
when i copy and paste that, my terminal says, " no such file or directory." i made sure there was only one “money symbol” at the beginning of the command since terminal by default already one a money sign present. by the way, my terminal say, “trauts14@jetson-desktop” at the beginning of each line.