Jetson 3.3V GPIO to control bigger voltage circuit via Relays

Hello, Nvidia devs,

I want to control a circuit with jetson.GPIO via Relays or something, the power supply is a battery of a car, so to be clear, there is a circuit that has 12V and powerfull ampere that I do not know the exact ampere, however, Unfortunately, I am not an electrician and know almost nothing about electricity.

How can I control this circuit with jetson’s GPIO? I have set the software that has the ability to set the GPIO high, my question is about hardware and circuits.

I could not a lot google about that as I do not know the correct keywords, so any google searching advice is also welcomed.

I am waiting for your response.

Have a good day.

Hi, something like this:

Hello Trumany, Thank you for the answer.

However I think I can not represent my problem briefly, so actually my purpose is to control 12V DC circuit with Nano’s 3.3V GPIO, with a little talking with my university friends, I realize that I have to use a Regulator to control 3.3V to 5V Relay, however, I do not know exactly how to do.

I will support this question with new pieces of information for other developers who want to help, also if you have new ideas please help me too,

Got it. If the IO voltage of Relay is 5V, you will need to convert Jetson GPIO output (3.3V) to 5V with a level shift bridge.

Thank you Trumany, its what I want to learn.