Jetson AGX Orin cannot boot into OS after reboot

I have a problem with my Jetson AGX Orin (64GB).
After I reboot, I cannot access to OS again. The screen keep dark empty and i cant do anything. I’ve re-flashed the module but there is nothing change.
I tried many time but still cannot access again. Anyone can help me please?
This is my log file.
Thank for helping.
log_orin.txt (71.1 KB)

It looks like running on a custom board?

Yes, I’m using a custom carrier board from a third-party supplier. You think the problem is come from the carrier board??

Is it possible to validate on NV devkit?

I dont know.
But the carrier board change something such as: has 02 eth 1Gbps, 01 SFP+ 10Gbps and 01 hdmi. And we has to change a bsp for the custom carrierboard

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