Jetson AGX orin Display cannot see any display output

Respected Sir/Madam,

I was trying to install CUDA for Jetson AGX orin 32GB

But it came error in the step ```
sudo dpkg -i cuda-repo-ubuntu2004-11-7-local_11.7.0-515.43.04-1_arm64.deb

ERROR: The public CUDA GPG key does not appear to be installed. To install the key, run this command:
sudo cp /var/cuda-repo-ubuntu2004-11-7-local/cuda-77E18803-keyring.gpg /usr/share/keyrings/

After this error, I just shut it down and turned it on after 15mins. But now the orin does not show any display output it appears as a blank screen. (the display monitor light blinks)

![WhatsApp Image 2022-07-14 at 2.44.16 PM|676x500](upload://kyDHaNUJQPhqqYSBfjN23Jxxbu1.jpeg)
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Hey, I have the same problem with the Jetson AGX Orin.
I installed everything according to the instructions, I did a reboot at the end and the login window does not appear on the monitor (DisplayPort). Only booting is visible.


Looks like the OP posted in the wrong section. Jetson topics need to be posted in the Jetson forums so the support team has visibility.

I am moving this thread over now.

Hi @Cpluz_Shrijayan

Sorry for the latest response, is this still an issue to support?

Hi @bartosz.kossowski

Please help to open a new topic for your own issue with more detailed system environment and SW information.


The problem is not solved, you see the topic and there is no answer why the system does not boot properly. Fortunately, the web interface and the SSH service are working, so I could download the data from Orin’s memory.
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