Jetson AGX Orin Standoff


I am confused about the standoff. Using the 2034560003 connector, I understand we should specify 4.2mm standoff height.

I believe the A3737_A05 schematic utilize solderable threaded standoffs, I just cant seem to find the part number in the BOM. I see couple SMTSO series standoffs are used in BOM but none have the standoff length required for 2034560003.

Can we use SMTSO-M3-4ET ( since this is the closest to the dimension.

Hi, the standoff is not included in the PCBA BOM, and we don’t share the p/n of it. Customer should be able to choose standoff based on the chapter 3.3 Module to Carrier Board Standoff Height Recommendations in Design Guide.

Hi Trumany,

Thank you for your response. Can you confirm if plastic spacers can be used? My concern is the carrier board uses metal spacer and if it is required for the additional heatsinking paths and to prevent the Jetson enclosure from being a reference plane to every RF source on the carrier.

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We don’t have such experience can be shared.

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