AGX Orin SOM Board to Board Spacer guidelines

Hi Team,

We are working on Custom Carrier Board design for AGX Orin SOM. For that we use the 699 Molex connector (P/N :2034560003).

As per the design Guide, we need to use the 4.2mm SMT Spacers for better Mating.

but we don’t have any part numbers for Solderable Spacers (For 4.2mm height) from Design guide / BOM. Can we have any of your suggested part which having Height of 4.2mm / which we used in AGX Orin Devkit?

Vignesh M


Thanks for joining the NVIDIA Developer community. Your issue is not related to Omniverse, this topic belongs in the Jetson forums. I have moved it over for you.


HI Tom,

Thanks for your support.

Vignesh M

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It is a custom design for NV devkit, not for sale.

HI Trumany,

Thanks for the detail.

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