PCB Standoffs


The Jetson Nano Product Design Guide (DG-09502-001_v2.0) states that two M2.5 6.57mm standoffs are required to correctly mount the module.

I’m almost at the end of a custom PCB design and came to the “trivial job” of capturing the standoffs into the BOM.
I cannot find a 6.57mm standoff anywhere! I’ve measured the ones on the Evaluation platform and they do appear to be 6.57mm.

Is there a recommended manufacturer and part number of these parts? They don’t appear on the Evaluation Board BOM…

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Hi, it is general stuff, you can search it online. The BOM only includes components on carrier board.

Did you ever manage to find a source or part number for the standoffs? I have been googling and am unable to find a 6.57mm M2.5 standoff.

Hello, I am also looking for the 6.57mm M2.5 standoffs but cannot find them. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase these? Thanks.

I am also unable to find these standoffs. @Trumany this is not general stuff, this is a very special length standoff. This is not standard. Can Nvidia please supply the supplier and part number? Same goes for the m2 shoulder bolts that pass through SOM board to attach heat sinks. Please advise.

Per internal checking, those are with devkit only, not for separate sale. Customer should make or choose suitable ones accordingly for custom design.

I can’t work out why NVIDIA uses 6.57mm anyway. If you check the drawings for the TE connector, the center of the card slot is 7.30-7.55mm above the PCB, and the Nano module board thickness is 1.2mm so the ideal standoff for a perfectly level Nano would be 6.825mm.

I don’t know that fractions of a mm makes much difference when the standoffs are so far from the axis of rotation of the Nano module - less than 1 degree - and perhaps they chose to err on the side of shorter standoffs to ensure the side latches engage smoothly across all tolerances.

Mouser has some 6mm ones. Could buy some of those and try them out, add a washer if you need to.

Did someone find the 6.57mm standoffs? or have you tried other dimensions?