Sourcing mechanical hardware used on jetson nano dev kit


Can anyone point me to a source or part number for the following components used on the development kit? I would like to source these for my own custom design.

  1. Threaded hex stand-offs that the support the cantlievered end of the nano SOM to the PCB. These appear to be a custom length ~6.4mm and I cannot find any equivalent standard part in any catalogs. Maybe I’m simply missing the proper source for these.
  2. The stamped metal bracket on the backside of the SOM that distributes the bending stress applied from securing the heat sink to the SOM. There is certainly a supplier of this component I could source from I would assume.

I cannot find these components in the provided BOM.


Hi, please check with the vendors in ecosystem first,, in general only the BOM of carrier board is public.

Hello @mike6

If you’re looking for an active heat sink for the Nano, here is a commercially available option that comes supplied with the hardware to secure to the SOM. Passive and thermal transfer plate options are also available.

We also have off-the-shelf carrier boards for Nano if you’re interested in a solution to help get your project deployed rapidly.

Hope this helps!