Jetson AGX Orin Sys Reset is not working


We have our own carrier board and used L4T 35.2.1BSP and SYS_RESET_N was working properly to reboot/Reset the board.

However SYS_RESET_N is not rebooting the System when we use the L4T35.4.1 BSP , System gets shutdown instead of rebooting in this version of BSP.
Please help.

Any help on this?

Hi, did you do cross-test on Orin devkit?


I have tested it in Devkit and it works normally in Devkit, As I checked with my hardware team and schematic, it is direct connection to the SYS_RESET_IN pin same as in Devkit. Any suggestion?

No idea. It looks like your custom design issue, not BSP issue. So you may need to carefully check your design based on reference to find out root cause.


It is the same issue as in below discussion: can you check my attached log taken once RST button pressed?

OSB_AGX_ORIN_reset_button_error_l4t35.4.1.txt (9.3 KB)

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