Jetson AGX Orin TXEQ Switch setting value

I do channel simulation for XFI interface based on “DA-11107-001_v1.0.pdf” as below, and the eye mask is fail. So I tune the TXEQ vaule based on your document"T234_Uphy_TX_IBIS-AMI_model_readme_20200811.pdf" as below, in the end, the result of eye mask is pass.
So my question:Based on the tuned the value, how to set through the software of AGX Orin? or which document is descriped for TXEQ Switch setting?

Hi, can you share where you get the docs of DA-11107-001_v1.0.pdf and T234_Uphy_TX_IBIS-AMI_model_readme_20200811.pdf? Seems the docs are not in DLC.

The data of “DA-11107-001_v1.0.pdf” document is very large.
Here is the adress as below:
Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

Here is the docuemnt"T234_Uphy_TX_IBIS-AMI_model_readme_20200811.pdf" as below:

T234_Uphy_TX_IBIS-AMI_model_readme_20200811.pdf (335.6 KB)

The “DA-11107-001_v1.0.pdf” document as below:
DA-11107-001_v1.0.pdf (465.2 KB)

Please help to confirm.

To avoid improper/incorrect UPHY settings causing permanent damage to silicon, there is no interface for modifying the UPHY settings. The application note and ibis model are for customer to design their own carrier board, not for tuning UPHY. Customer needs to follow the Design Guide routing guideline to make carrier PCB design.

Maybe I didn’t explain clearly or you mean that I can’t set any value(from 0 to7) based on ’ T234_Uphy_TX_IBIS-AMI_model_readme_20200811.pdf’document.
I must follow the defalut value,right?
So could you tell us which value is the default setting,if must follow?

Default setting is pre-shoot = 0dB and 3.5dB de-emphasis.

Thanks for reply.
If still can’t match XFI’s eyemask,could I set pre-shoot =0dB and 6dB de-emphasis?

No as said there is no interface for modifying the UPHY settings

Thanks a lot.

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