Jetson agx xavier and Sony A6000

Hi everyone,

I am very new to Jetson dev kits so apologies for perhaps obvious questions.

I know the Sony A6000 camera is not listed in the supported components list, however I was wondering if anyone has experience interfacing it with the Jetson Xavier. Would it be possible to directly read images from the camera or to write images directly to the Jetson Xavier? The connection between the Jetson Xavier and the sony would be made using a micro HDMI cable. Are there obvious problems I am overlooking?

Short description of the use case: I am looking to create a solution for real time high resolution mapping from high resolution images using drones. The reason I am not not looking at CSI cameras is because they usually have low resolutions and sensor sizes.

If anyone could share experiences or point me towards resources or alternatives, I would be very thankful!

Could it possible connect the A6000 to fpga than connect to AGX via pcie interface.