Jetson AGX Xavier Boot up Issue

Hi NV team,

Whenever we boot the system (AGX Xavier Devkit), it gets stuck at this page (please refer to the attached). Please advise.


This represents the desktop is not up. Please check your system through ssh or uart serial console.

Dump the dmesg/xorg.0.log and attach them here.

Hi WayneWWW,
Finally I got the faulty kit today. It could not boot up and could not be logged in via serial console/minicom. Fortunately it can go to recovery mode so I re-flash it and it works now.

One issue on the kit: it cannot detect the monitor correctly (showing NVD40"). By checking the debugging message, it says HDMI EDID is missing. I have 2 requests:

  1. can NVidia provide the HDMMI EDID data for Jetson AGX Xavier?
  2. How to flash the HDMI EDID to the kit?



If this issue is no longer related to boot, please file new topic for it.

Noted and thanks, Wayne.