Jetson becomes unreachable via SSH after a long time

I would like to be able to ssh into my jetson, however after it has been running for a (currently undetermined) period of time it no longer responds to my network requests.

I assumed that this was because of some wifi power management, but there does not seem to be any documentation on it, and trying to avoid the power management by setting a crontask to ping every hour does not stop the problem.

I have set up my jetson to have a static IP, so I do not believe that is the issue.

You are probably right about power management, and I couldn’t tell you how to fix it. Anyone helping to fix it though would benefit if you have a serial console you can monitor and watch the “dmesg --follow” as it becomes unresponsive…this would verify if it is power management or something else. With serial console your host is doing the display, so as responsiveness ends the serial console would still see everything going on. A link on serial console:


Please check if your device enter SC7(power saving) after inactivity. As linuxdev points out, serial console would help you check system message.

Does this happen to ethernet connection as well? If this is only for wifi, I can share how to disable power saving in wifi, but it should only cause temporary disconnection so I guess your system is also off.