Jetson j1010 reset

Hi all,

I broke my reComputer Jetson j1010 with Jetson nano 4G and16GB eMMC while managing some packages. I would like to reset/reinstall(? the recomputer back to the original ubuntu system while I purchased it. How could I do it?

My jetson can still boot fine and work, but most of the applications are gone except for the terminal.

I am using the internal 16GB eMMC without an external microSD card.

Thanks for the support.

Hi tasi.aaron,

reComputer Jetson j1010 is a custom board.
You should ask for the BSP package from your vendor and use to re-flash your board.

Could you access network from your board? and you could try to install them back.

Thanks for the reply!!!

I can still access to the network.


This is what I am looking for.

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