Restart the operating system of jetson nano

I want to delete all the files inside of Jetson Nano and set it again. But there is a diifferent point that operating system is set inside of Jetson Nano (not SD Card). How can I reset the system inside of SD Card?

Hi atacan,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

Do you mean “eMMC”?

No matter eMMC or SD Card content, you could clean up either of them through re-flashing the image.

Hi Kevin,

I am using devkit. Yes I mean eMMC.

How could I re-flash the image?

Our Jetson Nano devkit would not come up with eMMC and SD slot at the same time.
It seems you are using the custom board if you have both eMMC and SD slot.

You should get the BSP package from your vendor first and refer to the following instruction to flash into your board.
Flashing and Booting the Target Device - Basic Flash Script Usage

Please make sure you could boot up w/o SD card first.

Thank you for your help Kevin.

I figured out the problem when I flashed the Jetson Nano via SDK Manager.
But SD Card reader does not working. I guess there is something about enabling sdhci@700b0400. How could I enable it?

You should ask your vendor about how to enable SD card slot.
It would relate to the board design.

For example, you could refer to the following thread to enable SD card.
Micro-SD card on custom jetson nano

Thank you Kevin.

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