Jetson nano 2GB power supply problem: green light turn off after 1 seconds on

Hello, I have a problem with my jetson nano 2GB. Thanks a lot first.

  1. at the beginning, It works good as normal, but suddenly stop to work, and green light is off.
  2. I try to give the power (using Type C) again use 5V-3A, the green light blink once then turn off.
    I try to change different power supply, but looks seem as before: green light on at the beginning just 1 seconds, then off.
  3. I check the voltage on the 40pin header, The 5.5V pin have voltage (5V), but the 3.3V pin have a voltage (0.45V).
    do you have any suggestions for this? thanks a lot

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

hello user161858,

may I know which power supply you’ve given to the Nano platform, how about using the other ports?
is it able to setup the serial console and gather the bootloader logs for reference?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. the same problem as before

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I try to use the telephone mobile power bank(5V,3A), telephone charge(5V, 2A), and ‘Manson’ switching mode power supply(set in 5V, 2.5A) to charge, all doesn’t work. i also try to charge the board using 40pin header, still no response, there only 0.45V voltage in pin 3.3V. and 5V voltage In the 5V pin

additionally, I can’t see any response in display screen.

hello xiaohui,

did you disable auto power-on?
you may short pin-11 and pin-12 as press button to initiate power-on if Auto-Power-On disabled.
please also access Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit User Guide for reference,

Hi, jerry

I don’t think I disabled something. it was working normally, suddenly stopped to work. The problem is I did not detect any power on the pins 11 and 12. in this situation, if I press 11 and 12 buttons, it can work or not?

hello xiaohui,

may I know what’s the use-case to make the device abnormal?
is it possible to setup the serial console to gather the bootloader logs to understand the root-cause.

Hi, jerry,

it used to running code on the simulink to save the data, the code running on the nvuidia works good more than 2 weeks, everyday works perfectly before abnormal.

Could you tell me have to setup the serial console, since i cannot see any response on the screen also i did not detect any power except 5V and 3.3V(0.45V only).

please refer to as see-also. thanks

Hi, jerry
I follow the introduction in the link you send to me. Connect the board to PC by using TTL to USB cable as the figure in link (red line did not connect anything), After wiring, I set the Putty and open, but no response then. Should I connect the red wire to 3.3V or 5V, so i can see some serial console?

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