Jetson Nano 2GB SDK first boot problem

It boots up and complains of an unrecoverable error which says it will boot to a GUI for troubleshooting. It does not ask for initial settings.
The GUI presents user “other” and asks for a password.
When I check on another system /dev/sde1 has empty /home directory.
I have tried 3 different microSD cards 2 x 64GB and a 128GB.

I have the micro USB port connected to a Ubuntu x86_64 22.04lts box but there is no ttyACM0 even after a reboot.

Booting from a fresh 64GB microSD card — same problem – says only 161MB on card available.
Devices and locations:- /root empty
/ 866.2 MB available 13.4 GB Total (label linux)
/ (label Filesystem root)

So you follow Getting Started with Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer without success?
How do you write the image to SD card?

There is a known issue from some old jetson nano 2gb + new jetpack sdcard.

You can try jp4.6 sdcard image first, boot it up, put the device for like 30 mins. And then you can use jp4.6.1 fresh sdcard.

Thanks, jp4.6 fixed the problem and I did “apt-get upgrade” and a successful reboot.


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