Jetson nano b01 boot abnormal .displayer blank

hello ,my jetson nano b01 cant normaly boot, i powered and its pwr led working,but the USB interface have no power and the hdmi interface same should I fix it?

Dump the uart log.

thank you for your reply, the uart have no message

Is this your first time dumping a uart log or you had this experience on this jetons board before?

not first time

Then please flash your jetson nano with sdkmanager.

emmm and here have another problem. i power by DC but it dont work even pwr led.
for sdkmanager,i tryed one time,but it stoped at setup4 process95.5% and alert me timeout

At least share logs from sdkmanager if you really want us to help.

Without any log, there is nothing I can help.

this is a Screenshots may have some value

Please flash your board again. This time, open the uart and check the log.

Share the log to us. I mean the log during “flash”.

Also, do you have other jetson nano on your side that can validate whether your host can flash the board or not?

I tried again , unfortunately, there was still no response.It’s a great pity that I don’t have another board.


I don’t think there would be no response. No matter what situation, if the board is powered on, the uart log from jetson shall always give out.

If those data already started transfer from 0% to 100% in sdkm, it means jetson is transferring data so uart shall give out log.

Please check the uart pin connection and the command you are using to open the uart console are correct or not.

Thank you very much, I will buy a new cable to try

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