Jetson Nano goes from Ad-hoc / IBSS mode to Managed mode automatically mid-flight

I am using jetson nano with external wi-fi card (Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265) as an onboard computer on my drones and want to setup Ad-hoc mode to establish communication between drones but somehow in mid-flight some of them go into managed mode automatically. I am using a bash script to set them in Ad-hoc mode and the script is in the startup so every time jetson boots it runs the Bash script

I want to prevent it to go into Managed mode. Any help would be appreciated

Does the kernel message indicate it changes from adhoc mode to managed mode?
It depends on your external wifi card so I may not share much help here.

I am using Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 wifi card

link to wi-fi card-

I got to know after using the iwconfig command in the terminal and it shows the mode as managed

Let us find this card and see if this issue can be reproduced or not. Thanks for report.

I think this issue is coming due to higher number of nodes

Is this issue gone when you have less devices?

We have not faced any issue with upto 15 nodes (approx.) till now but when there are more nodes then many of them go into managed mode automatically

After some googling, it seems that this issue happens on other platforms as well. The limit my be 16 nodes at a time, but I am not sure where you would override that.

I suspect it would require patching your kernel and/or the module for 8265. It could also be a limitation on Intel’s firmware for the card. It seems it’s for good reason if you Google “capacity of ad-hoc wireless networks”.

Once in a rare we encountered this problem with 8-9 nodes and was corrected after reboot but with more nodes this issue is always there.

Can this problem occur due to network manager getting start and changing the mode back to managed?

Possibly. You should be able to pinpoint the problem with journalctl in any case.

Okay i will run it and see the issue