Slow Ad-Hoc connection in nano

I am trying to connect to Nano with ad-hoc connection. I am able to connect but connction speed is slow. When I ping from another computer in ad-hoc connection, some time I get 1000ms, avarage is 270ms.

Do you have suggestions?

my wifi module is AC8265ngw (intel) in ad-hoc mode
I did not install anything else for wifi module.
I installed ubuntu fallowing the instructions in
I didnt do update-upgrade after the install


Is this only happened in ad-hoc mode or even AP mode and station mode?

the pings in the local wifi network of my home:

As seen here it is only slow in ad-hoc mode

by the way I did my ad-hoc settings by adding

iface wlan0 inet static 
adress <my-ip>
wireless-channel 1
wireless-essid <myssid>
wireless-mod ad-hoc

to etc/network/interfaces

for reference pings in ad-hoc mode :

(sytem didnt allow me to post two pics in one post and post this immediately, because I am new)

Could you connect this 8265 device to your host and try to see if this ad-hoc slow issue can be seen on host too?

by host do you mean My computer or something else ?

Yes, any other devices.

I did not encounter anything like this when I plug it into my computer
When I use raspberry pi, I see 7-8 ms delay in ad hoc mode again.(internal wifi device)
When I compared the tx powers, I saw that raspberrypin was 31dbm 8265 was 20 db.Will this affect the delay in the ping?
When I enter the following command to the console, In my network, ping delay is decreasing but adhoc network delay did not change.

iw dev wlan0 set power_save off