Jetson Nano Hardware Troubleshooting

I’ve had my Jetson Nano devkit (B01 carrier) for a few months, and I’ve been prototyping a video switcher/enocder using gstreamer. Things were working great, I could switch inputs between multiple HDMI -> USB capture devices and stream the output with HEVC.

I seem have had a partial hardware failure. The first symptom was the HEVC encode stopped working correctly, I started getting artifacts and dropped frames after any sort of motion
The encoding artifacts got progressively worse over a day or so, and then the Jetson shut itself off and refused to power on. No green light, nothing.

I was powering it via a 5V/10A power supply connected to the barrel jack with J48 jumped. It will not power on via the barrel jack, not with any of 4 different 5V supplies. However, it powers on via the USB power, but I quickly run into power problems with multiple HDMI capture devices (which don’t like hubs, I’ve tried) and the encoder running.
I left it off for several hours to allow the fuses to recover, but it still won’t power on.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips, or is it time to start an RMA?

It might be caused by load switch U58 broken. You can try power supply thru USB port but usb cable is modified to connect to DC power supply, that can eliminate the current limit on usb. Or you can run RMA for it.

Thanks, I’ll start the RMA process.