Jetson Nano headless mode not accessing packages


I am having a problem in using the depth camera intel real sense D435i with Nvidia GPU Jetson Nano.

Trying to use the Nano in the headless mode. In this case, I connect the Nano to my computer usb and go the chrome and type which opens me Jupyter notebook lab from the nano.

To use the camera, intel has a library called pyrealsense2 with all functions and interfaces for the camera. I installed it with problems.

The problem is: I can only access the functions using jupyter lab if I access jupyter lab using the terminal on the nano (using the nano as a separate computer). In this case jupyter is open in localhost:8888

If I try to type [] on the nano itself, I can see the library but not the functions inside, same problem happens if I use the headless mode.

All details about the steps that I followed, and the outputs are listed in this link:

Any advice will be much appreciated.




GPU Type: Jetson Nano
CUDA Version: (Latest, just updated)
Operating System + Version: Ubuntu 18.04LTS (image provided in the AI course provided by Nvidia)
Python Version (if applicable): 3.6.9

Steps To Reproduce

Please refer to link:

Hi @kerian,
Jetson Nano team should be able to help you better here, hence recommend you to raise it in the respective forrum.


Hi @AakankshaS Thank you for your reply. I submitted a new form for embedded, jetson team.